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FreeCell Solitaire Game Strategy

The objective of FreeCell Solitaire is to place all the cards in the deck to the foundation piles. The setup of the game is that the game board is divided in three areas: the Free Cells, the Foundations and the Tableau. The game is played with 52 standard card deck. At the start you have all the cards laying in the tableau in 8 piles, these piles are called tableau piles. First 4 piles contain 7 cards each, and the other 4 6 cards in each. The foundation and free cell piles are empty. There are 4 foundation piles and 4 free cell piles.

To win the game you need to move all of the cards onto the foundations in 4 piles of the same suit. Each card run should be combined in the ascending order starting with the ace through king. Once you have combined all of the 4 card runs, the game is completed and you won.

In order to do move all the cards to the foundations, you can move them around within the tableau and free cell piles. In the tableau you can place the cards of lower rank on top of the higher rank cards keeping alternate colors. You also can drag multiple ordered cards in between the foundation piles, placing them on top of the higher rank cards of different color. Notice, that you can move together only number of cards no more than the number of empty free cells, plus the number of empty free tableau piles + 1.

The cards which you cannot place anywhere, you always can store in free cells piles, if there is empty space. Each free cell can keep only one card at a time. You can also place any card onto empty space in the tableau if there is one. When needed you can place the cards from free cells back to the tableau or directly to the foundations. Overall you move the cards between the piles either by double click or by dragging them.

Every single card move is counted and time of the game is measured. You can always Undo your move, but it will be counted as a game move. So especially in multi-player moves you should react fast and value every your step in order to outperform the competitor, since the winner is calculated based on the time and number of moves.

FreeCell Solitaire Game Features

FreeCell Solitaire can be downloaded on any Android or iOS device absolutely for FREE from secured Google Play and App stores. After easy download you get access to the unlimited free gaming experience and socializing. FreeCell Solitaire is a smart social game, where you can have fun, train your brain and meet new friends.

FreeCell Solitaire is the next generation mobile card game, build using latest developing technologies and best design practices. It is very light and fast, the gaming experience is smooth and you can enjoy high quality graphics and beautiful design on all types of devices and software. FreeCell Solitaire Card game doesn't support any third-party ads, so you are guaranteed with smooth gaming experience without interruptions and hidden traffic fees.

So the community of FreeCell Solitaire is more than 20 million around the world, and you have an option to invite your friends from Facebook or other social networks as well. You can interact with your friends through the real time chat while playing; you can exchange gifts and emojis. You can have your FreeCell Solitaire friends list, which can be edited any time.

FreeCell Solitaire card game has exciting game modes, starting from single-player modes where you play by yourself and up to multi-player tournaments, where you compete with 7 other solitaire fans for the champ crown and the pool prize. There is also an option always play in private versus the opponent by a mutual invite or with a random player based on your XP level and the bet.

FreeCell Solitaire includes 4 different leagues you can play in, and dozens of league tournaments. Every week we run Promo games with the special prizes you can compete for. There are also regular Promo campaigns, where you can win extra coins and game bonuses.

At the start of the game we supply each of the new comers with a good starter pack, e.g. coins and bonuses, which help alto to boost your progress. There is also in game store where you can always purchase additional coins, bonuses, power-ups and energy, in case you are very ambitions and engaged player. Otherwise we supply you with energy meter update every second hour, so you have power to play.

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